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7 June 2014 | 15:46 | 0 comments
// Assalammualaikum

Now 6:30AM. Gaduh masa pukul 2AM. And susah sangat nak tidur hati resah :'(

Dia takdapat faham aku, tak tetap nak salahkan aku bila aku merajuk. Dia ingat aku salahkan dia. Padahal, the last text before we're being like this is 'Btw, busy kan? Sokay then, bye' just that sentence? Then cakap aku yang salahkan dia dalam hal ni. Hm, no dear. The meaning behind that words is 'Pls reply, I don't wanna wait for to long. Find me, I need you' but kau takfaham ayat disebalik ayat tu :'(

Aku mengalah, I thought that you will do the same. But you didn't. After you make me guilty, you left me alone with nothing that can change my mood. Why you love doing that? Orang tak kuat sayang :'/ Bila orang resah, pls be with me. Not leave me. Tapi, bila orang macam ni, dia selalu biarkan orang, buat orang fikir bukan bukan. Dia takpernah nak try SOLVE THIS THINGS BACK TO NORMAL. Slow talk or what, you didn't do that :'( 

Hmm. Why I'm the one that should feel all of this.

You ask for forgiveness. But at the same time revenge for your own self. You make me felt more difficult to understand you. Kenapa sayang? :'( You broke my heart slowly with your words. But you didn't note that I'll grt hurt till my tears stream. Isn't it?


Orang tak kuat. After that tragedy. Orang uninstall whatsapp and wechat. Orang penat, let time heal my heart. I'm not gonna find you, cause you didn't even find me. Ya, ramai cakap 'Perempuan if sayang, memang akan nampak macam terkejar kejar lelaki tu. Tu sebab dorang sayang.' 

You're hurting me.

Sebenarnya  orang tersedar dari tidur and still thinking bout you. Orang terfikir nak install balik whatsapp and check up if there's a text from you. But I won't orang takut if text tu tambah lagi kesakitan yang orang rasa sekarang. So maybe, I'm not gonna use whatsapp and wechat anymore. No more.

You hurting me again. You didn't love me like you did before. You're not sorry :'( 

Trauma with all of this.